Drain Backups

Do you have dirty water coming out of your basement drain? Or maybe you are experiencing weird problems like water backing up into your kitchen sink each time you flush your upstairs toilet. These drain backup problems are signs that your sewer main is obstructed. With swift, affordable services from Restore Pro Plumbing, there is no reason to panic. Our team of experts can get the problem fixed quickly so you can get your life back on track.

Causes of Drain Backups
Your drains are like tree branches with a network of smaller pipes feeding into a larger pipe. Each time you flush the toilet, run the washing machine, or rinse water down the sink, all of the water flows down those smaller pipes and into your drain main. From there, it flows to the city sewer or to your septic tank.

If something happens to your drain main and waste water cannot flow through, then the water will have no way to exit. It will instead backup into the drains. Because water flows down and all of your drains are connected, you will usually notice drain backup problems in the lower floors of your home first (such as your basement drains) or in toilets as they have a direct connection to the drain main.

There are several common causes of drain backups:

• Tree Roots Clogging Drain Main: Tree roots are drawn towards the moisture and oxygen in drains. The tiny tree roots can invade the drain, grow, and cause large clogs.
• Old Sewer System: Sewer mains can last over 100 years. However, as they age, they can corrode and are less able to handle high amounts of waste water flowing through them.
• Combined Pipelines: Some Arizona sewer systems use the same pipelines for storm water and sewage water. In event of a rain storm, this could cause sewage water to back up into your home.
• Blocked Municipal Lines: If the city sewer line becomes clogged, then it will cause problems in your home and the homes of your neighbors. In this case, the city is responsible for solving the problem.

How We Solve Drain Backups
Most of the cases of drain backups that we here at Restore Pro Plumbing experience are due to tree roots clogging the drains. In these cases, we can usually solve the problem with hydro-jetting, a process which uses pressurized water to blast the tree roots out of the drain so water can flow again.

If the tree roots have damaged the drain, or the drain is damaged due to age or other problems (ground shifting, yard work, etc.), then it may be necessary to replace the drain main. Using advanced trenchless technology, we at Restore Pro Plumbing can often replace sewer mains without digging into your yard. If excavation is required, then we promise to do so with as little damage to your yard and property as possible.

Don’t let drain backups get worse. Call us today for fast, reliable, and affordable drain backup services.