Garbage Disposal Repair / Replacements

Garbage disposals are one of the most common home appliances. Unfortunately, they are also one of the appliances most prone to breakdown. Because garbage disposals consist of many small, complex parts and have sharp blades, we do not recommend trying to fix your broken garbage disposal yourself. Instead, call Restore Pro Plumbing. We offer garbage disposal repair and replacement services, and we also sell and install new garbage disposals.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems
Because garbage disposals are so complex, there are many things which can go wrong with them. These are the most common problems we at Restore Pro Plumbing encounter:

• Clogs: usually due to putting too much debris down the disposal, putting the wrong type of debris down the disposal, or buildup
• Bad smells coming from disposal: usually due to waste buildup in the drain pipe
• Disposal not working at all: can be caused by any number of problems, such as faulty parts or tripped wires
• Disposal not grinding food well: the problem is often worn out blades

Our Garbage Disposal Repair Services
After arriving to your home or business, our licensed plumber will take a look at your garbage disposal to diagnose the problem. In many cases, the problem can be fixed immediately, such as by fixing tripped wires or cleaning drains. Our plumbers arrive on scene with a truck stocked with common garbage disposal replacement parts, so we often can immediately replace broken parts as well. In event that your garbage disposal needs a special part, we can order it for you and will come back at the soonest time to resolve the problem.

Garbage Disposal Replacement
In many cases, it makes more sense to replace your garbage disposal than repair it or buy replacement parts. If this is the case, we can recommend one of the replacement garbage disposals we keep in our truck, and can immediately install the new disposal. If you would rather shop around and buy a new garbage disposal yourself, this is fine. We can come back at a later date to help you install your new garbage disposal.

Our garbage disposal services extend to:
• Home garbage disposals
• Restaurant garbage disposals
• Industrial and commercial garbage disposals

Contact us today for a estimate on our Tucson garbage disposal services. We look forwarding to serving you!