Sewer Drain Cleaning

A sewer drain clog is a serious problem. When the sewer main is blocked, then waste water will have nowhere to go. This will cause waste water to back up into your home, causing a health and hygiene risks. Until the drain clog is fixed, all of your plumbing fixtures will be rendered unusable, including your toilet, sinks, and washing machines.

Restore Pro Plumbing is standing by with fast, affordable sewer drain cleaning services in the Tucson area. We use state-of-the-art trenchless technology to get your drains cleaned quickly so you can get back on track with your life.

Signs Your Sewer Drains Need Cleaning
Remember that all of your drains flow out to your main sewer drain. So, a problem with your sewer drain can show itself in any of your drains. Sometimes, the signs of a sewer drain clog can be perplexing – like water backing up into your kitchen sink when you flush the upstairs toilet.

If you notice any of these signs that your sewer drain needs cleaning, act fast before the problem gets worse:
• Multiple drains are clogged or slow to drain
• Drain backups
• Strange reactions when using plumbing fixtures
• Air bubbles in toilet when using other fixtures

How We Get Your Sewer Drains Clean
When you call us for drain cleaning services, the first thing our plumbers will do is diagnose the problem. Using tools like drain cameras, we can make an accurate diagnosis so you don’t pay for unnecessary repairs.

Most sewer drains need cleaning because of one of two reasons: tree root invasion or aging pipes. Tree roots often invade sewers because they are drawn to the moisture and oxygen. Old sewer pipes are often clogged with buildup and/or corrosion. In both of these cases, the sewer pipe can be cleaned with a novel non-invasive process called hydro-jetting. A flexible hose which blasts pressurized water from its tip will be snaked through the drain, cleaning it out entirely in the process.

If inspection shows that your drain is severely damaged, it might be necessary to replace the sewer drain completely. We at Restore Pro Plumbing can often do this without digging up your yard using methods like slip lining.

Contact us today to learn more about our sewer drain cleaning services and to get a price estimate. We look forward to solving all your sewer drain problems.