Water Leak Repair

A small water leak might not seem like a major problem. However, if a water leak goes untreated, all those drops of water can lead to mold growth, wood rot, structural damage to your home, and even invite rodents and bugs into your home. This is why it is so important that you take any suspected water leaks seriously. For all of your water leak detection and repair needs, you can count on the experts at Restore Pro Plumbing to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and afford-ably.

Water Leak Detection Services
Water leaks coming from exposed pipes are easy to detect. When the leaks are coming from pipes within your walls or foundation though, it can be much harder for homeowners to detect. All homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of leaks including:
• Wet spots or stains on walls, floors, or ceiling
• Mold growth in home
• Damaged wallpaper or peeling paint
• Musty or earthy smell in home
• Spikes in your water bill

If you have any of these signs of a leak in your home or business, we recommend that you call us immediately for our leak detection services. Our licensed Tucson plumbers will come on site with tools like pressure testing equipment, snake cameras, and moisture testers to detect the exact source or sources of the leak.

Water Leak Repair
If a water leak has been detected, it must be fixed right away before it causes serious damage to your home and health. There are many factors which will affect how the water leak is repaired, such as the location of the leak, the condition of the pipes, and budget. We will always take the time to explain your options to you so you can make an informed decision which best suits your needs.

Many leaks are caused by loose fittings. These leaks are usually fast and easy to fix by replacing worn valves or old seals. We might recommend updating your fixtures as well. If your plumbing system is old, then leaks might be due to rust or water damage causing hairline cracks in the pipes. These leaks can often be fixed by non-invasive methods such as applying an epoxy to the leak. However, if inspection reveals that your entire plumbing system is worn, then other leaks will likely spring up. To avert future problems, repipe plumbing might be advised. Thanks to modern technologies, repipe plumbing can often be done without having to tear apart your walls.

Don’t let leaks wait. Call Restore Pro Plumbing today for our affordable leak detection and repair services.